The problem

I stumbled upon an issue with a client who had been posting to their blog, but once they viewed the blog they noticed it said “comments closed” where the comments area would have been. They had everything set correctly in the “settings” part of the admin panel, but still no comment area would show. After Googling the WordPress forums, I read many people with the same problem. Some said it was a plugin conflict, some had code to feed to the MySQL to reset the comments to open.


The solution

In the dashboard I clicked “All Posts”. Then at the top right of the admin window where it says screen options, I clicked it and the drop down revealed that Discussion, and Comments were unchecked. After checking them , and going back to edit the post in question, I saw the Discussion, and Comments tick boxes at the bottom of the post edit page. I guess they were missing all along, but Me or the client didn’t realize it. With plugins like Yoast SEO taking up quite a bit of space under the edit window it pushes these tick boxes farther down the page. ¬†After checking them the comments showed up once again. I didn’t even have to troubleshoot plugins or mess with the database. Much easier.